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Prof. As. Dr. Dhuratë Hyseni

Full Time Professor 

Prof. Ass. Dr. Dhuratë Hyseni is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, elected on 1 October, 2019.

In 2015 was elected assitant at the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren, in the Faculty of Computer Sciences, at the same University took the academic title Professor Assistant, during this period she was part of the Council of the Faculty of Computer Science, part of the Thesis Filtering Council.

From 2014/2019 was a part time Lecturer and Assistant at the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan at Faculty of Computer Science. Also from 2012-2016 was a part time Lecturer and Assistant at College AAB, in Prishtina, at the Faculty of Computer Science. From 2008-2015 has worked for DataProgNet as a Programmer.

In 2009, graduated from the South East European University in Macedonia, at the Faculty of Computer Science. Then, in 2012 completed her Master’s Degree and was awarded the title Master of Computer Science Majoring in Database Management. On 09.03.2018 successfully completed her PhD studies and was awarded the title Doctor of Computer Sciencein e-Technology.

She has published a numerous scientific researches in research magazines and international conferences indexed in different platforms such as Scopus, Web of Science, Springer etc. Also participant in scientific comitties in the national and international level in the field of computer science.