Management in Tourism and Hospitality – Bachelor

Management in Tourism and Hospitality

The program in Management in Tourism and Hospitality, as a new field of study in Kosova, is dedicated to young people who want to qualify in and contribute to the development of this sector. The content of the study program is mainly the result of labour market reforms but also of the need for leaders at various business levels.

In the frame of this study program, courses with contemporary and flexible content are being offered, as well as internships in businesses that easily follow the requirements of the local and international economy, enabling us to prepare professionals for the local, regional and global labour market.

Main objective
This study program aims at preparing students to professionally perform various activities that are required in enterprises dealing with tourism and hospitality.

Learning outcomes
In order for students to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing environment in the future, the University offers them theoretical and practical teaching and learning that will help them:

  • understand the structure of international tourism and the hospitality industry;
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills in solving complex industrial technology management problems;
  • implement technical sales skills and other procedures, such as marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship within the tourism and hospitality sector;
  • apply problem-solving as well as decision-making processes in tourism and hospitality; and practice effective communication skills relevant for workers in the tourism and hospitality sector.
UShAF me plane për projekte të reja

Në kuadër të planifikimit të projekteve të reja në Universitetin e Shkencave të Aplikuara në Ferizaj (UShAF), Rektori i UShAF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari priti në takim përfaqësuesit e Aligning Education for Employment (ALLED2), znj. Evka Heder, udhëheqëse e projektit dhe z. Anton Gojani, koordinator për sigurim të cilësisë.