Industrial Management – Bachelor

Industrial Management – Bachelor

This program focuses on the field of business administration and engineering, in structuring and organizing industrial companies to improve company development and generate ideas that advance management practice.  The program provides a new approach to learning individually and in groups, to solve theoretical and practical problems, finding and applying adequate research methods. Students also plan, initiate and execute various projects in the field of management

The need for management, development and design of innovative products, use of modern technologies in industry, necessary for the success of companies within the manufacturing and services sector, is constantly increasing. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to develop specialized staff of professionals in the field of industrial management, which in the future will help in the structure and organization of industrial companies, improving their development, and with it the economic development of Kosovo

Overall objectives
In order for students to succeed in a highly competitive environment that is constantly changing, the University offers theoretical and practical learning for the development of specific knowledge and skills, through which students will be able to:

  • understand the complexity of the production operations process and its impact on product or process design, and vice versa;
  • apply modern methods of quality management in order to increase efficiency;
  • plan and design production lines and technological processes;
  • plan, initiate and execute various engineering projects;
  • analyze various relevant academic, professional and ethical research problems;
  • apply knowledge and skills in various fields to carry out complex managerial activities;
  • understand industrial management through a strategic management education with a focus on production management, marketing, financial management, human resources – complemented by corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues;
  • use modern computer programs (MS Project Management, CAD, MS Access, SQL, etc.) in project management, investment as well as designing and analyzing the operation of the designed product or process; and
  • communicate and present their work, using academic language and terminology, both to professionals and to the general public.

Employment opportunities in the future
After completion of studies, a graduate will be able to work as:

  • General manager in a manufacturing company,
  • Product developer / manager,
  • Developer and designer of the production process,
  • Self-employed and entrepreneur,
  • Project manager,
  • Quality manager, or
  • Operations manager
UShAF me plane për projekte të reja

Në kuadër të planifikimit të projekteve të reja në Universitetin e Shkencave të Aplikuara në Ferizaj (UShAF), Rektori i UShAF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari priti në takim përfaqësuesit e Aligning Education for Employment (ALLED2), znj. Evka Heder, udhëheqëse e projektit dhe z. Anton Gojani, koordinator për sigurim të cilësisë. This post is also available in: […]

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