Faculty of Tourism and Environment

Faculty of Tourism and Environment

Faculty of Tourism and Environment offers study programs in Management in Tourism and Hospitality, in the first cycle (Bachelor) as well as in Management and Innovation in Tourism, in the second cycle of the studies (Master). The programs are organized in modules and evaluated with credits, which are in line with the European Credit and Accumulation System.

The faculty has a qualified staff as well as modern work environments, which enable students to master the appropriate skills for the profession they will practice in the future.

Based on the geographical position that Ferizaj region has, as well as on the development opportunities of tourism and hospitality in this part of Kosova, but also based on the study programs offered at our University, the education of new generations will contribute greatly to the economic development of the country.

Xhulieta Xhymshyti, student in the third year of studies – Study Program Management in Tourism and Hospitality:

The possibilities that are given to us such as the linkage of theory and practice, but especially the University’s collaboration with the hospitality and tourism industry, are enabling us to gain skills that will help us create a secure future as well as develop and promote Kosova’s tourism.”

UShAF me plane për projekte të reja

Në kuadër të planifikimit të projekteve të reja në Universitetin e Shkencave të Aplikuara në Ferizaj (UShAF), Rektori i UShAF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari priti në takim përfaqësuesit e Aligning Education for Employment (ALLED2), znj. Evka Heder, udhëheqëse e projektit dhe z. Anton Gojani, koordinator për sigurim të cilësisë. This post is also available in: […]

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